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Noe-Topic Spokesperson
Prof. Dr. Mathias Noe
Topic 6 Spokesperson
+49 721 608-23500
mathias noeYel8∂kit edu
Topic 6 Co-Spokesperson
+49 721 608-29200
veit hagenmeyerBuf1∂kit edu

Topic 6 Superconductivity, Networks and System Integration

Superconductivity, Networks and System Integration addresses efficient and reliable networks, the integration of storage systems and the development of new and powerful network technology. Hence, Superconductivity, Networks & System Integration may be regarded as an integrating element of all topics.

Tremendous changes in, e.g. electricity networks call for new distributed and autonomous network structures as well as for an efficient integration of heterogeneous energy storage components. Future energy systems will increasingly rely on analytically combined information. Therefore, work packages in this area include in our comprehensive approach information and communications technology, control systems, efficient algorithms, and economics and market engineering.

A main objective is to increase network reliability, security, availability, quality and efficiency. To achieve this it is clear that new network components are required. Here we focus on fundamentally new components based on high-temperature superconductors (HTS), as well as on new components for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) systems. Our approach aims at complete systems and relies on effective integration.


Participating Helmholtz Center: KIT

Participating Institutes at KIT: AIFB, ETI, IAI, IEH, IIP, IISM, ITI, IRS, ITEP 

Allied Partner: FZI